Our Water

We knew that if we put a pure organic lemon inside our bottle, it had to have an equally pure water to go with it. We tried many different sources of water before settling on spring water from a small natural spring in Wisconsin that is over 100 years old. You see, we like to be different.We are not like most other products which use filtered tap water or reverse osmosis water.

Our spring water showcases 240 total dissolved solids and is so fresh and pure it can be consumed straight from the spring. To clarify, spring water is water derived from an underground formation which flows by a natural force to the Earth’s surface through an orifice. Spring water must be collected only at the spring. Artesian water is collected through a borehole, tapping the underground formation. In addition, there must be a natural force causing the water to flow to the surface through a natural orifice. In essence, natural spring water is water in its purest form.

galss of waterspring water vs artisan waternatural spring water