Our Process

LÉMONESSE is the first product to use a proprietary all electric in-line resistance heating technology. The technology is greater than 98% efficient in converting electric energy to in-the-food heating. By contrast conventional steam processing is about 25% efficient. The resistance heating process is well suited to tight temperature control resulting in an ultra-mild thermal treatment to the juice. The technology opens the door to the first ever zero-carbon-footprint processing in areas where all-green sources of electricity are available.

LÉMONESSE’S brief heat/quick cool process coupled with proprietary flavor handling technology produces juices which compare favorably with HPP juices (high pressure process juices). Unlike HPP treatment, the LÉMONESSE process inactivates destructive enzymes, has a longer shelf life, and uses less energy to produce.

We’re really excited about this technology. It opens the doors to so many environmentally friendly opportunities. We are planning to one day be able to run our facility off the grid, but until then sit back relax and enjoy a refreshing bottle of LÉMONESSE. The future for LÉMONESSE is bright and we can’t wait to show you.